October 5, 2022

Agbotic Sins AgTech Breakthrough in “Greenhouse Production System of the Year”

Agbotic has announced its 2022 AgTech Breakthrough Award for “Greenhouse Production System of the Year”.

Agbotic builds SmartFarms with a big data and deep learning model to grow local and organic crops year-round with low food production costs and a regenerative climate footprint.

“We are thrilled to win this AgTech Breakthrough award as news cycles are dominated by climate, inflation, food security and food prices. Our technology enables the production of local, safe and at low cost while sequestering carbon and cleaning air, water, and soil,” said Agbotic Founder John Gaus. “Much of agriculture can be profitably distributed in community-wide systems to reinvigorate rural economies; produce healthier food at lower cost; reduce carbon and clean the environment. Our decarbonized, denitrified and digitized approach does just that. One day soon, every community will want a SmartFarm.”

Because Agbotic grows in the ground, it can easily change crop type to grow leafy greens; culinary and medicinal herbs; root crops; and long cycle woody stem crops. Agbotic has grown ginger, figs and inputs for herbal beverages and personal care products. Agbotic uses precision machinery to collect high-resolution data for machine learning to achieve consistent yield gains and lower production costs. Over the past year, Agbotic has generated yield gains of up to 100% on several crops and the production costs of a number of its crops are now competitive with outdoor chemical farming. .

“The past two years remind us that food safety is paramount. Agbotic’s model has put healthy foods on hundreds of supermarket shelves and food trucks across New York State. We expect that it can do the same in many places with tremendous value for people and the planet.” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director, AgTech Breakthrough. “We congratulate Agbotic for their important work and this award.”