May 13, 2022

AMD Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” reportedly entering mass production soon

Please note that this message is marked as a rumor.

AMD Readies Zen4 for Desktops, Expected to Launch in Coming Months

A reliable AMD leaker claims that the AMD CPU codenamed “Raphael” is due to go into mass production as early as next month.

According to Greymon55, who previously successfully leaked AMD roadmaps, AMD is now set to begin mass production of the next installment in the Ryzen series no earlier than April or May. That means the product launch is just a few months away, assuming the next series will follow a similar launch schedule as its predecessors.

To give some context, AMD Vermeer (Zen3 desktop) entered mass production in July 2020, to be launched in November of the same year. Meanwhile, the 3D V-Cache version has been in production since November last year and will be officially launched next month.

Since the Ryzen 7000 series features an all-new socket design, the 4-5 month period between production and launch could be extended. However, it’s probably safe to assume that AMD could be ready to launch Raphael early in the fourth quarter. It would be just in time to compete with Intel’s 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake”.

AMD mainstream desktop processor series
2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
1 hour 2 hours 1 hour 2 hours 1 hour 2 hours 1 hour 2 hours 1 hour 2 hours 1 hour 2 hours

The AMD Ryzen 7000 series is expected to feature up to 16 cores designed in a 5nm Zen4 microarchitecture. Rumors suggest the fastest part will hit a TDP of 170W. In January, AMD introduced the first Raphael chips with a sustained all-core clock of 5 GHz.

Additionally, Zen4 processors will land on a new LGA socket code named AM5. AMD intends to provide multi-year support for its new socket, as well as AM4 cooler compatibility. This new platform will support the latest DDR5 memory technology as well as the PCIe Gen5 standard.

AMD mainstream desktop processor series Matisse Vermeer Vermeer-X3D Raphael granite ridge
Release date July 2019 November 2020 April 2022 2H 2022 2023
AMD Ryzen Series Ryzen 3000 Ryzen 5000 Ryzen 5000X3D Ryzen 7000 Ryzen 8000
µArch Core 7nm Zen2 7nm Zen3 7nm Zen3D 5nm Zen4 Zen5
Chart 4CU RDNA2 To confirm
Maximum number of cores 16 16 16 16 To confirm
Plug AM4 AM4 AM4 AM5 AM5
Memory support DDR4 DDR4 DDR4 DDR5 DDR5
Max TDP 105W 105W 105W 170W To confirm
PCIe generation PCIe Gen4 PCIe Gen4 PCIe Gen4 PCIe Gen5 PCIe Gen5
Motherboard chipset AMD 400 AMD500 AMD500 AMD 600 To confirm

Source: @Greymon55