May 13, 2022

Axelspace Announces New “AxelLiner” Service Using Japan’s First Mass Production Microsatellite System

Chuo-ku – 04/26/2022 (PR Distribution™) –

~ Establish a Spacecraft Manufacturing Alliance with partner companies ~

Today, Axelspace Corporation announces the launch of a new service, AxelLiner. Building on the results of an ongoing project supported by a grant from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, AxelLiner intends to become Japan’s first one-stop service for microsatellite missions. . The launch of the first satellite for AxelLiner is scheduled for 2023.

In partnership with MISUMI Group Inc. and YUKI Holdings Inc., Axelspace will establish the Spacecraft Manufacturing Alliance for the mass production of microsatellites. Together with these experts from the sourcing and manufacturing domains, Axelspace will bring innovation to the conventional satellite manufacturing process by incorporating the latest manufacturing trends and insights from other industries.

In order to fulfill our social responsibilities as a company, Axelspace has established a rigorous set of standards, called Axelspace Green Spacecraft Standards, which will be applied to all future satellites and require environmentally friendly approaches throughout the life cycle. life of satellite projects. This includes, but is not limited to, sourcing resources for spacecraft manufacturing, in-orbit operation, and post-mission disposal. Details of the standards will be announced once they are finalized.

About the new “AxelLiner” service

Traditionally, it has been difficult for companies outside the space industry to own satellites. This is due to the challenges associated with fully understanding the technologies, constraints, mechanisms, laws and systems related to the development of satellites and the use of space, in addition to obtaining and recovering the licenses from the authorities to own and use the satellites.

With AxelLiner, customers have access to a unified interface called AxelLiner Terminal, providing a full suite of tools to navigate and manage the time-consuming and complicated processes involved in satellite projects. Using the AxelLiner terminal, customers can perform a variety of tasks such as business studies, cost estimation, mission instrument development, and operational data acquisition. For more information

About the Spacecraft Manufacturing Alliance

Recently, various enterprises and missions using microsatellites, including satellite constellations, have been proposed around the world, which has increased the demand for mass production of satellites applicable to a wide variety of missions. To quickly respond to these different expectations and requirements, Axelspace is joining forces with MISUMI Group Inc. and YUKI Holdings Inc. to create the Spacecraft Manufacturing Alliance.

The Spacecraft Manufacturing Alliance will foster simultaneous, seamless, and collaborative information sharing among alliance partners, eliminating unnecessary markups, actively implementing digital transformations, and applying non-space industry expertise for a total optimization. This will ensure rapid and high-quality satellite development, enabling AxelLiner to support customers’ rapid business developments.

“To date, Axelspace has designed, manufactured and operated nine small/micro satellites,” says Naoki Miyashita, technical director of Axelspace. “In particular, four of them were manufactured simultaneously as AxelGlobe “GRUS” satellites, initiating our foundation in the mass production of microsatellites and identifying the problems related to future mass production. This alliance will work closely to solve these problems and bring innovation to global satellite manufacturing by going beyond the parent-contractor relationship to leverage each company’s technological capabilities, experiences and strengths.

Mitsunobu Yoshida, chairman of industrial digital manufacturing company, MISUMI Group Inc., says, “MISUMI’s digital parts sourcing service, meviy, is an innovative service that enables digital transformation in manufacturing. meviy significantly reduces the time needed to manufacture satellites. We share Axelspace’s philosophy, and through this alliance, we will help achieve the world’s leading satellite manufacturing speed.

Masato Otsubo, CEO of YUKI Holdings Inc., says “YUKI Holdings Inc. is the group of SMEs with specific skills in element technologies for manufacturing. Our first step into the space industry was supplying precision machined parts to AXELSPACE WNISAT-1 about 10 years ago. Today, we are very happy that our group is part of AxelLiner. We will do our best to contribute to this innovative mission by using the manufacturing technologies of our group companies.

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