October 5, 2022

Bastion Films is changing its name to reflect its 360 degree production capabilities

Bastion production house Bastion Films has rebranded itself as Bastion Make, reflecting a newly expanded range of production capabilities, Mumbrella can reveal.

The agency’s production department has spent the last 12 months transforming under the leadership of Managing Director Jacqueline Archer, who was appointed to the role in September 2021 to change the way Bastion delivered its projects.

Building on Bastion Film’s original specialty in film production, Bastion Make includes an in-house production studio with over 30 on-site craft specialists providing clients with cost-effective 360-degree content and campaign delivery through a single team.

Speaking to Mumbrella, Archer said she was brought in “to get the whole delivery service together”.


“As I joke with everyone, I could have called it Bastion delivery, but we would have looked like a courier company. And it’s not that sexy, is it? So my mandate was to change the way we delivered projects together.

The recently relaunched Bastion Make brings together in-house craft experts with deep motion, digital, studio and print expertise, who work in tandem across all production disciplines to deliver an integrated end-to-end campaign and content delivery for Bastion and direct customers. .

Additionally, the upgraded studio allows all editing, grading, and VFX to be done in-house in Bastion Make’s post-house, creating efficiencies for clients.

After shifting the agency’s role within the broader Bastion business, the new branding was soft-launched internally several months ago, with Archer acknowledging that “Films” no longer stood for what was offers.

“We do a lot more than movies,” she said. “We do social, digital, outdoor advertising, photography, print, animation. So [Bastion Films] didn’t really say what was on the box.

The in-house team includes two editors/shooters, two digital producers, a supervising producer, digital EP, print producer, finished artist, animators, production company producers, traditional agency producers and animation producers.

The increased agency offering under Bastion Make further reinforces Bastion’s new global agency model and “Think Wide” vision. By emphasizing in-depth expertise in each of Bastion’s service offerings, the agency is increasingly providing its clients with a simplified “one-stop-shop” offering.

Jacqueline Archer, Managing Director, Bastion Make

According to Archer, the changes were a result of customer demand, with customers increasingly wanting their delivery partners to sit together.

“When they have a campaign, they don’t want it to be siled, because a lot of our competitors could have been siled, as divisions. They would like it to be a whole unit coming together and delivers seamless delivery so that was the main reason why this should come together because when we write the brief, as far as shots or photography go, we can sit together as a unit and discuss together how we’re going to deliver it seamlessly, so that stops the miscommunication, the shitty delays, because we can all sit down as a group.

The new 360 model has also been bolstered with the appointment of Sydney executive producer Galadriel Roussos. Roussos brings more than 20 years of experience to the agency, across broadcast, networks and events, including four years at Foxtel.

As part of the Bastion Make expansion, Archer has also assembled a team in Melbourne, with executive producer Kaelene Morton to lead the charge, alongside editor Dave Wade and producer Ravenna Bouckaert.

“The team is now large enough to run 360 campaign solutions in-house, while maintaining the fluidity and agility to continue operating as a collaborative delivery group,” Archer said.

Jack Watts, CEO of Bastion Group, added: “Of the wide range of services we provide to our clients, content production in all its forms is the one thing that every client responds to by saying they need it. more and delivered in a faster and better model. . This has driven our significant investment in human resources and physical and digital infrastructure to rapidly expand our capabilities. We now have a team of 30 Makers – producers, directors, artists, designers, post-producers, editors and many more who are focused on producing stunning work for our clients, efficiently and effectively.

However, for Archer, the most exciting part of Bastion Make is how he brought the team together.

“What’s really interesting is the whole idea of ​​the makers, and it’s so beautiful,” she said. that I was really hoping to happen.

“I think the beautiful thing about us is that we’re always great, but also we talk all the time and we communicate all the time. So that nothing is ever really wasted.

Bastion Make is currently planning to expand into other Bastion markets in the United States and New Zealand, following the recent launch of four new business units at Bastion Shine in New Zealand.