October 5, 2022

Benjamin Walker details the rings’ epic energy-generating process

It’s no secret that “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” is a colossal project. The show’s budget has been rocked since day one — starting with the hundreds of millions of dollars Amazon shelled out for the story rights alone. From there, a ton of other time, effort, and resources went into a multi-year, pre-pandemic production schedule.

Benjamin Walker was right in the middle of the opulent production action, and the actor pointed to a moment early on that underscored just how gargantuan the project was: “The first day I was on set, we walked in in that soundstage and there were half a million hand-painted gold leaves on the floor.” That one statement says it all – the immaculate attention to detail, down to the sheets themselves, shows the dedication the creative team had for this project from the start.

It’s a deep sense of commitment that doesn’t escape the Gil-galad actor either, who spoke of the feelings of witnessing such an incredible group effort. “You look at this army of technicians, craftsmen and artists, and you know the grueling work that goes into it and their placement in the field,” he said. “It moves me. I feel stunned by it. I think that’s the bare minimum you need to tell these stories properly.” It’s a sentiment that was quickly felt by many as the show’s first season finally began airing.

The first two episodes of “The Rings of Power” are now available on Prime Video. The third episode airs September 9, followed by weekly releases for the remainder of the 8-episode first season.