August 10, 2022

Big tech giants line up for mass production of TSMC’s 3nm process capability

Last week marked another milestone in the tech industry as the world attended the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, TSMC 2022 Technology Symposium, where the company shared its process technology roadmaps as well as future expansion plans.

At the technology symposium, the Taiwanese semiconductor announced its edge nodes belonging to its N3 and N2 families which will be used to manufacture advanced processors, GPUs and SoCs in the coming years. With this announcement, major tech giants and TSMC’s major customers are excited and waiting in line for 3nm process production capability.

In addition, the company revealed at the event that the trial production of TSMC’s 3nm process is going well, and the monthly production capacity at the initial stage of mass production is expected to exceed 25,000 wafers.

According to reports, the monthly production capacity of the 3nm process in Hsinchu Science Park is expected to reach 10,000 to 20,000 wafers at the initial stage of mass production and 15,000 wafers in Tainan Science Park.

In the second half of last year, TSMC had started production of risky trials of the 3nm process technology and will mass-produce wafers for major customers such as Apple in the second half of this year. .

Apple, AMD, Nvidia, Broadcom, Qualcomm, MediaTek, as well as Intel are among the big tech giants lining up for 3nm processing capability from TSMC. This is in line with fabulous tool makers and UK-foreign media reports.

Based on reports, TSMC has prepared four waves of 3nm production capacity in the 3nm risk trial production. The majority of the first wave of production capacity will be held for longtime customer Apple, while the final three waves of production capacity will be used by Qualcomm, Intel, Nvidia, AMD and other manufacturers.

Recall that late last year, Pat Kissinger made his first trip to Asia as Intel CEO to visit TSMC and held a closed-door discussion with TSMC executives to discuss issues. of work. Thus, Intel is also a major player seeking TSMC’s 3nm process production capability. Stay connected with TechGenyz for more tech news.

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