May 18, 2022

Bruce Power installs new isotope production system

Bruce Power has installed what officials call a “breakthrough” new feature on one of their reactors to produce medical-grade isotopes.

The Unit 7 reactor is now the first power reactor in the world with installed capacity to produce lutetium-177 (Lu-177).

The medical isotope is used to treat various forms of cancer. The Bruce Power press release indicates that in the future, the reactor will also be able to produce other types of medical isotopes.

The new system is ready and “activities will move into planned commissioning as well as commercial production readiness activities that will follow once these activities and regulatory submissions are successfully completed.”

The new isotope manufacturing program on Unit 7 is a collaboration between Bruce Power and Isogen. Isogen is a partnership between Kinectrics and Framatome.

“This facility at IPS is an exciting step on our journey to becoming the world’s first power reactor to provide a scalable and revolutionary solution in the supply of vital medical isotopes for the global medical community,” said James Scongack. , Bruce Power’s Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President, Operational Services.

“Our medical isotope program and IPS facility is the result of years of innovation and development in partnership with Isogen, Saugeen Ojibway Nation and ITM, and will provide large-scale capability to help produce medical isotopes, which will be used worldwide. in new treatments to fight cancer.