May 18, 2022

Canon announces its first VR video production system

In view of the increasing demand and uses of virtual reality in many industries including entertainment, tourism and education, Canon has announced the launch of its new EOS VR system, a new video production system. in virtual reality (VR) to provide users with a complete package for filming and creating VR content. The EOS VR system includes a dedicated VR lens and two computer software applications.
The company has confirmed the availability of the entire VR production system by the end of December 2021.
The new EOS VR system consists of mirrorless cameras, a dedicated lens and computer software. Users can capture VR videos by attaching the dedicated lens to the camera, and then use the computer software to convert the resulting image files to a standard VR file format, which facilitates the post-production process.
Product details and availability
Product Name MRP (taxes included) Availablity
Double Fisheye RF5.2mm f / 2.8L Rs 1.79 995 End of December 2021
EOS VR Utility Subscription service End of December 2021
EOS VR plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro End of December 2021

Main features of the RF5.2mm f / 2.8L Dual Fisheye
The new RF5.2mm f / 2.8L Dual Fisheye lens is equipped with dual fisheye lenses that make it capable of capturing 180 degree 3D VR video using parallax between left and right images.
The lenses are L (luxury) lenses, designed and manufactured to offer the best possible standards for performance of representation, operability and durability. The large maximum aperture of f / 2.8 enables bright, high-quality images to be captured. The lens configuration also optimizes the curvature of light rays, achieving a natural parallax effect with a base length of 60mm.
The left and right lenses are each equipped with an electromagnetic diaphragm (EMD) that electronically controls the diameter of the aperture. The lens has a gelatin filter holder that allows the installation of an ND filter. A dust and drip resistant seal is used on the mount and the focus ring is aligned with the concave surface of the front-most lens element to control internal light reflection and help reduce ghosting. The lens is capable of capturing 180 degree 8K high definition VR images.
Main Features of Computer Software Applications – EOS VR Utility and EOS VR Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro
To make post-processing easier for users, Canon also announced two software. Users can stitch and process entire VT footage using the EOS VR utility or the EOS VR plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro.
EOS VR Utility (paid)

  • A software application that allows users to convert images to equirectangular projections (a standard VR image format) and perform simple edits on them.
  • Supports switching between images / sequences taken by left and right lenses. Also supports switching between circular and equirectangular fisheye displays.
  • Supports image straightening / parallax correction for compatible lenses
  • Support basic reading and cutting of 180 degree VR images on computer monitors.
  • Videos recorded in 8K can be converted and saved in a different size, file specification or format.
  • LUTs (Lookup Tables) can be applied to videos recorded in Canon Log mode.
  • Supports output to DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) and Apple ProRes for NLE (Nonlinear Editing) purposes.

EOS VR plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro (paid)

  • A computer software plug-in for creators of videos editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Supports exchanging left and right images and converting images to equirectangular projections (a standard VR image format).
  • Supports image straightening / parallax correction for compatible lenses