May 18, 2022

China 800V High Voltage Platform Market Report 2022: Mass Production to Start in 2022 –

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Research on the 800V high-voltage platform: mass production will start in 2022

Models based on an 800V high-voltage platform are a key OEM deployment.

It is difficult for a 400V platform to enable >200KW fast charging in current E/E architectures, while upgrading to the 800V platform enables much lower fast charging current at 200 KW, which makes it more likely to achieve fast charging > 350 KW.

At the same charging power, under the 800V fast charging architecture, the high-voltage wiring harness has a smaller diameter and costs less, and the battery dissipates less heat, which facilitates thermal management and optimizes the overall cost of battery.

Already, most OEMs have made aggressive inroads into the 800V high voltage platform as it provides an effective solution to replenishment anxiety.

In 2021, BYD, Geely, Great Wall Motor, Xpeng Motors, and Leapmotor, among others, announced their plans to deploy 800V high-voltage technology; Li Auto, NIO and others are also preparing for related technologies. In view of the start of production, major OEMs will deploy their new vehicles based on an 800V solution beyond 2022.

The 2022 800V High Voltage Platform Research Report highlights the following:

  • Introduction to 800V high voltage platform and its advantages, vehicle high voltage platform standards, charging pile high voltage platform standards, high voltage platform market size and the competitive landscape, etc.

  • Impacts of the 800V high voltage platform on the upstream sector (battery, electric motorization, thermal management, etc.), design of the electrical architecture of the 800V high voltage platform, status quo of the downstream new energy vehicle sector, etc.

  • The development stages of the 800V high-voltage platform, its availability on vehicles, and its use in charging batteries, etc.

  • Merits of SiC applied in 800V high voltage platform, its application in vehicle end, its application in charging piles, the status quo of SiC industry, etc.

  • Deployments of equipment manufacturers and suppliers in 800V high voltage technology

Main topics covered:

1 800V High Voltage Platform Market

1.1 Introduction to high voltage platform

1.2 Advantages of high voltage platform

1.3 Standards for the high voltage platform at the end of the vehicle

1.4 Charging standards at the end of the charging pile

1.5 Market Size and Structure

2800V High Voltage Platform Industrial Chain

2.1 The 800V high voltage platform industry chain is improving

2.2 Impacts of the 800 V high voltage platform on the components

2.3 Impacts of the 800 V high voltage on the batteries

2.4 Impacts of the 800 V high voltage on the electric drive

2.5 800V high voltage platform requires more isolation chips

2.6 800 V High Voltage Platform Requirements for Thermal Management

2.7 Design of high voltage electrical architecture for electric vehicles

3 Application of 800V high voltage platform

3.1 Development stages of 800V high voltage platform

3.2 Application of high voltage platform in vehicle

3.3 Application of high voltage in load cells

4 trends for using SiC in the 800 V high-voltage platform

4.1 Advantages of SiC products

4.2 Application of SiC in the 800 V high voltage platform at the end of the vehicle

4.3 High-voltage charging installations favor the use of SiC in charging cells

4.4 Status quo of the SiC industry

5 OEM 800V High Voltage Platform Solutions

5.1 OEM efforts in 800 V high voltage technology

5.2 Porsche


5.4 Audi

5.5 Mercedes-Benz

5.6 BYD

5.7 GAC

5.8 Geely ZEEKR

5.9 Great Wall

5.10 Dongfeng Voyah


5.12 Xpeng

5.13 Jump Engine

5.14 Others

5.14.1 Provision of Li Auto in Quick Charge Technology

5.14.2 Polestar 800V High Voltage Platform Deployment

6 Tier1 800V high voltage platform solutions

6.1 Arrangement of levels 1 in 800 V high-voltage technology

6.1.1 Supplier Arrangement in High Voltage Components

6.1.2 Technical Arrangement of 800V High Voltage Battery Suppliers

6.1.3 800V High-Voltage Battery Technical Comparison among Major Vendors

6.1.4 Vendors Cooperate to Deploy 800V Technology


6.3 Farasis Energy

6.4 Vitesco Technologies


6.6 Others

6.6.1 BorgWarner layout in 800V technology

6.6.2 AVL arrangement in 800V technology

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