October 5, 2022

China deploys first deepwater oil and gas production system


According to the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), China’s first oil and gas production system has been officially commissioned as part of a project in the southeast area of ​​the Dongfang 1-1 gas field in the Yingge Sea in south China’s Hainan Province.

The application of the system marks the country’s achievement of breakthroughs in key technologies in the sector.

Oil and gas production system is crucial equipment for offshore oil and gas exploration, consisting of wells, christmas tree, subsea control system, pipeline flow, separators, pumps and transport pipelines.

“The system is working well and its output is meeting the target,” said Liu Shujie, chief engineer of CNOOC’s subsidiary in Hainan.

China previously relied heavily on the imported production system which had various shortcomings such as long procurement process and high prices as well as high maintenance costs. The challenges have brought many restrictions to offshore oil and gas exploration. The local system can increase the efficiency to develop certain oil and gas reservoirs.

The subsea production system must operate stably on the seabed at a depth of more than 500 meters for more than 20 years, which requires both high design ability and construction technology. The research team has successfully developed its design, key components, assembly and offshore installation technology, which helps drive the development of the industry.