October 5, 2022

CJ OliveNetworks to Build KBS UHD Network Production System

CJ OliveNetworks Internet Data Center Songdo / Courtesy of CJ OliveNetworks

CJ OliveNetworks, the IT services operating company of South Korea’s CJ Group, today announced that it has been awarded the “UHD Network Production System (NPS) Infrastructure Construction and Upgrade Project” for Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), the national broadcaster of South Korea.

This project aims to improve the production environment, such as setting up KBS’s UHD content production infrastructure and color correction workflow.

CJ OliveNetworks participated as a partner in the successful digital transformation of KBS Public Broadcasting, including the integration of KBS video and archives, the expansion and replacement of hardware, and the establishment of a UHD transmission.

The company said this project was the result of highly valued infrastructure trust and know-how for the successful implementation of previous projects.

CJ OliveNetworks will replace and expand NPS editing storage, expand NPS production shared storage, replace NPS server cluster, and establish UHD mastering and color correction working environment with the goal of completing the project during This year.

In particular, the IS construction process methodology and business management tool developed by CJ OliveNetworks will be applied to the execution of the activities.

It is a plan to ensure rigorous management and quality at every stage, from the analysis stage to the implementation and conversion of operations.

In addition, KBS is expected to improve the high-quality and high-definition video production environment for each content such as theater, entertainment and education by introducing a high-performance UHD system.

“I am delighted to be able to contribute to the advancement of KBS’s system ahead of the nationwide UHD broadcast network expansion in 2023,” said Cho Se-hyeong, Head of CJ’s Media Culture Business Team. OliveNetworks. “We will strive to provide high-quality UHD broadcasts through successful business implementation, such as improving production efficiency and service stability.”

Meanwhile, CJ OliveNetworks has successfully completed 29 broadcast media infrastructure construction projects over the past 5 years, including Traffic Broadcasting System (TBS), Gwangju Broadcasting Station at KBC and Korea Economic TV.

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