May 13, 2022

Construction of the Envision AESC Group battery base begins, to begin mass production in 2023

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Construction of the second phase of Envision AESC Group’s battery manufacturing base began Monday in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, with a planned production capacity of more than 15 GWh and a plan for mass production in 2023.

Zhang Lei, CEO of Envision AESC, spoke about the company’s development plans: “The products produced by the project will be sold worldwide to meet the demand for electric batteries from major automakers in Germany, Great -Britain, France, Japan and other countries. . Additionally, the project will become our most advanced reference plant and will be replicated globally.

After mass production, the base will supply electric vehicle maker Renault’s next-generation electric vehicle platform overseas. In June 2021, Envision AESC became Renault’s strategic partner and promised to provide the company with a 5-year order for power batteries from 40 GWh to 120 GWh.

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So far, Envision AESC Group has set up seven production bases and several R&D and engineering centers in China, Japan, USA, France and UK. Its global generation capacity is estimated to exceed 200 GWh by 2025.

The electric battery production base located at its zero-carbon industrial park in Ordos City will be completed and commissioned in April 2022. The station has a planned capacity of electric batteries and energy storage batteries of 20 GWh.

Within the company’s industrial park, integrated upstream and downstream industrial sectors such as power batteries and energy storage, electric heavy trucks, battery materials and green hydrogen production materials have been arranged. Leveraging solutions spanning wind, photovoltaic, energy storage, hydrogen generation, carbon management, power trading and other areas, the company was able to close a loop zero carbon production.

Over the past year, battery manufacturers have won international orders and entered into long-term cooperation agreements with overseas customers, including CATL, Svolt, Farasis Energy, BYD, China Aviation Lithium Battery Technology, Gotion Hi- Tech etc.