May 18, 2022

Desktop Metal announces “a giant leap for the digital mass production of polymers”

Additive manufacturing Desktop Metal announces “a giant leap for the digital mass production of polymers”

Source: press release

United States – Additive manufacturing company Desktop Metal has announced the launch of Etec, a new 3D printing brand that will enable Envision TEC, the original inventor of digital light processing (DLP) technology, to connect better with industrial customers.

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In the build plate, a digital light projector turns resin into anything customers can imagine.

(Source: BusinessWire)

Envision TEC 3D printers have been used in the healthcare, dental, medical, and jewelry industries since 2002. After Envision TEC was acquired by Desktop Metal in 2021, the company launched Desktop Health to focus on customers health and dental. Today, Etec wants to focus on making its high-speed photopolymer 3D printing solutions available to volume manufacturers of consumer and industrial products.

By strategically integrating 3D printing technologies, materials, software and applications, Desktop Metal aims to propel a growing number of manufacturers towards AM 2.0 so that they can benefit from increased design flexibility, reduced waste, improved time to market and greater financial savings while de-risking their supply chains.

For example, Etec has partnered with Adaptive 3D, another subsidiary of Desktop Metal, to offer its 3D printed photo elastomers exclusively on Etec additive manufacturing systems. The company now offers one of the broadest portfolios of photopolymer 3D printing materials, including Elastic Tough Rubber 90 (ETR 90), the most tear-resistant elastomer on the market. ETR can be found in products on store shelves, including power tool adapters and recoil pads, with additional applications for Adaptive 3D’s broader library of elastomers in consumer and industrial applications such as shoe midsoles, seat cushions, etc.

Although the ETEC brand remains rooted in the original Envision TEC name, customers may see either name referenced in certain documents.

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