May 18, 2022

Desktop Metal Qualifies HH Stainless Steel Material for Production System

Office metal introduced a stainless steel that combines high strength and hardness with corrosion resistance for its production system.

The launch of DM HH stainless steel (DM HH-SS) means that there are now ten qualified metallic materials, with this latest addition to the Desktop Metal material portfolio suitable for applications in the oil and gas, gas, and gas industries. automotive, consumer products and medical devices. Previous materials to qualify for the production system include D2 tool steel, 420 stainless steel, and IN625 nickel alloy.

DM HH-SS is derived from 13-8 PH stainless steel (UNS 13800) and custom developed by Desktop Metal. The heat-treatable alloy is said to have the tensile strength, ductility and corrosion resistance of 13-8 PH stainless steel, while exhibiting improved hardness comparable to low alloy steels like 4140. Desktop Metal believes the material will help customers overcome the additional plating step for applications requiring corrosion protection that parts made from low alloy steels must endure.

“Our materials science team works diligently to develop innovative materials that meet the demanding application needs of our customers in a cost effective manner,” commented Desktop Metal and CTO co-founder Jonah Myerberg. “DM HH-SS is a compelling alternative to 17-4 PH stainless steel which improves its mechanical properties while maintaining its corrosion resistance, making it suitable for critical components that previously required the use of low-grade steels. allies for their high hardness and resistance. The production system enables customers to commercialize this material on a large scale and eliminate operations, such as plating, which can create supply chain complexity and also harm the environment.

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