May 13, 2022

First Grenadier SUVs produced as INEOS prepares for mass production

INEOS Automotive is close to mass production of its rugged off-roader, the Grenadier, the first examples of which rolled off the line recently before series production begins in July.

The first Grenadier test vehicles have officially rolled off the production line at its Hambach factory in France (a former Daimler factory), which the company says marks the final phase of its transition from a “project” to a true OEM car manufacturer.

This transition will see 130 “representative of production” examples of the PTO1 Grenadier produced. These will then be used to help refine the mass production model, as well as provide its engineers with a fleet of vehicles for the final rounds of safety testing and certifications.

The second phase “PTO2” will begin next March, during which INEOS will validate the assembly process and build quality of the customer-ready vehicles, as well as working out any supply chain or logistics issues. before starting mass production.

Rather than innovating into a brand new factory, INEOS actually bought the Hambach production plant from Mercedes-Benz in January 2021. INEOS has since invested a further €50m on top of the €470m that Mercedes had already invested in the brand. new production line.

Investments in the production line resulted in a fully automated body shop, semi-automated paint shop and retooling of its general assembly facility.

For those interested, INEOS has confirmed that the Grenadier will be priced at $84,500 in Australia, with initial estimates for deliveries from the second quarter. This is now impossible, since serial production starts in July.

INEOS have used BMW to supply their engines, with a choice of a 3.0-litre straight-six turbodiesel producing 183kW/500Nm, as well as a 211kW/450Nm turbo petrol option; both of which receive an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

It sits on a relatively simple but sturdy ladder frame and body-on-frame platform, built in the same vein as the original Land Rover Defender and the Toyota LandCruiser 70 series. ute with a simple conversion process.

INEOS says full pricing and specifications for its Grenadier range will be made public in April. Dirk Heilmann, CEO of INEOS Automotive, said:

“Some 15,000 customers worldwide have reserved their Grenadier. We want to deliver a ready to use vehicle and we will not hesitate. Thanks to Hambach’s highly trained and experienced team, as well as the safety and quality expertise we have employed, we are set to begin mass production in July.