June 29, 2022

Galaxy Z Fold and Flip 4: mass production of key components begins


Samsung is preparing to update its 2022 foldable smartphone proposition with the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, two highly anticipated devices that are expected to arrive during the summer during the launch window formerly dedicated to the Note series .

So there are only a few months left before the event and with the deadline approaching, Samsung and its suppliers are entering the most important production phase, that is to say the one preceding the mass creation of components that will be installed on the final units.


To give us more details about this process is the South Korean newspaper The electwhich confirmed that Samsung has indeed launched the mass production of the main components of the Fold and the Flip 4, reaching a quantity of orders sufficient for the realization of more than 10 million units of the two leaflets (combined).

According to rumors reported, the Flip 4 would be the one the South Korean company would focus on the mostsince the latter should weigh approximately 70% of volumes. The Elec also gives us indications concerning the actual assembly of the smartphones, which should take place around mid-June, so about 2 months before the actual presentation.


The numbers suggested by The Elec are undoubtedly interesting as they give us a measure of what Samsung really thinks of its folding line. Suffice it to say that last year the Z Fold/Flip 3 family had total sales of around 7 million units, while this year Samsung expects that number to be less. achieved only by the Flip 4, leaving the Fold 4 for sale. at least 3 million more units.

In order to push this category further, it looks like Samsung will continue to maintain a lower level of profit on Series Z than on Series S; the latter is estimated to amount to 15% for the first et al 19% for the second, while the cheapest series FOR it just generates the 5% profit in relation to the final sale price.

Figures, those of the Z, which may seem low in absolute terms, but which must be contextualized in relation to the price range in which the two folders, far from being popular, will be positioned. Of course, we have seen how in recent years Flips have been the protagonists of incredible promotions that have considerably reduced their final cost, but the calculations of estimated sales volumes are made on the list price and not on the basis local prices. offers. .

In any case, it would seem that the hypothetical volumes by Samsung are not carved in stone and that the Seoul house has put in place a strategy capable of guaranteeing good flexibility according to market trends therefore, it will be able to increase or decrease production with relative ease, also in light of the unstable conditions that characterize the world scenario.


The Elec report also offers us some details regarding another division of Samsung very related to the sector, namely Samsung screen which should complete the process expansion of its production capacity precisely during the second quarter of the year, therefore by June.

The new factories in question are 3 in number and will join the 7 others present in Vietnam, in order to increase the production of folding panels that Samsung Display is able to satisfy each month. Once the final installations are complete, volumes for this panel category will increase from 1.5 million units per month to well 2 millions and many of them are expected to come equipped on the new Fold and Flip 4.