May 13, 2022

Grantville Receives Over $60,000 in Film Production Fees

The town of Grantville received more than $60,000 in fees for the production of the musical remake of “The Color Purple.”

The city’s film productions must pay $1,000 a day, City Manager Al Grieshaber said, which includes preparation, filming and takedown.

The city received more than $53,000 just for the use of city property, Grieshaber said.

Money received from movie fees is placed in the town’s general fund, which is used to pay for operations of the town of Grantville.

“(The general fund) goes to all departments – planning and zoning, the police department, public works, the utility department, administration, the city clerk’s office. It goes to all operations of the city,” Grieshaber said.

An additional $10,000 was paid for Kyle Campbell’s services with Preservation South, which paints historic buildings in the city, when production was approved to repaint the city’s freight depot in brick red.

If the production requires additional services such as consulting utilities for underground power access or suspending additional lighting, Grieshaber said additional fees are charged.

Grieshaber said the production was billed $3,000 for the utility consultation.

The city was paid $250 by the production to temporarily relocate street signs and concrete benches.

The production is also required to pay the police officers who direct traffic during filming, according to Grieshaber.