May 18, 2022

HORIBA: strengthens the production system of mass flow controllers in China

HORIBA Precision Instruments (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereafter HORIBA Precision Instruments), a company of the HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd. group. (hereafter HORIBA STEC) which heads the semiconductor segment of the HORIBA group, has moved its company building to an industrial park near the Beijing Capital International Airport.

This relocation expands the production area and improves efficiency with the aim of establishing a production system that will triple current capacity by 2025.

The HORIBA Group currently holds a share of around 60% of the global mass flow controller market (as of December 2021 based on internal research). In China, the Group will focus on capturing an even larger share of the mass flow controller market by fully meeting growing demand such as the renewable energy and power semiconductor markets.

Context of relocation and expansion

Investments in solar batteries and other renewable energy solutions to power semiconductors in China are increasing to overcome challenges in popularizing electric vehicles and promoting a shift to new sources of energy. energy towards carbon neutrality.

Increasingly stringent performance and quality requirements in these markets are also increasing the demand for mass flow controllers as a key component of manufacturing equipment.

HORIBA Precision Instruments has built a strong presence in China by capitalizing on high caliber technical strengths cultivated through an alliance with HORIBA STEC, a leading company in mass flow controllers, while possessing sophisticated product development capabilities capable of meet the needs of the local Chinese market. . With this relocation and expansion aimed at improving the production system, the company will achieve timely product supply in growing markets and in turn strive to further strengthen its business.

About HORIBA precision instruments

HORIBA Precision Instruments was established in 2011 as a Japan-China Joint Venture Beijing HORIBA METRON Instruments Co., Ltd. With HORIBA STEC. The company has extended mass flow controllers to solar batteries, analytical instruments, fiber optics and other markets and achieved business growth while operating strategically in different markets from HORIBA STEC, which has mainly supplied memory, logic, and other products to state-of-the-art semiconductor markets. At the same time, the company has also set up a local production and supply system.

In 2019, Beijing HORIBA METRON Instruments Co., Ltd. became a 100% subsidiary of HORIBA STEC and changed its name to HORIBA Precision Instruments to more easily adapt to the increasingly sophisticated needs of the market.

Overview of the mass flow controller

Mass flow controllers accurately measure and control the flow of gases and liquids. These instruments play a vital role as a key component of manufacturing equipment in a wide range of industries, from semiconductors and LCD panels to LEDs and solar batteries.

Installation overview


Building 1, No.3, Xixing Road, Houshayu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing, China (located on the first and second floors* 1)

Total floor area

3,247 m2 (old company building: 1,245 m2)


Chief Director, Yoshiomi Imoto


90 (As of October 2021)2


Development, manufacture and sale of mass flow controllers

* 1 : The first floor houses the production area and the second floor houses the technical development and office spaces.
* 2 : HORIBA Precision Instruments plans to increase the number of employees to 180 by 2025 as part of the effort to strengthen its production system.