August 10, 2022

Kanye accused of abusing $7 million from ‘Sunday Service’ production company

Kanye West’s legal troubles continue to pile up as lawsuits pile up against the billionaire rap star.

The rapper is being sued for nearly $7 million for claiming he never paid the bill to a production company called Phantom Labs.

The production company says it helped Kanye with several of his highest-profile events from June 2021 to March 2022, but they never got paid.

Phantom Labs said they have helped Kanye with many of his Sunday service events, his 2 listening party and his “Free Larry Hoover” concert with Drake and J. Prince.

The company also helped Kanye stage his performance for Coachella. However, the rapper canceled his performance at the last minute.

Coachella’s cancellation is key to the lawsuit. Phantom Labs says Kanye was getting $9 million for his gig and plans to pay off his debt.

But he pulled out of the gig, and the company never saw a dime. To make matters worse, Phantom Labs had to fork out nearly $1.1 million and cancellation fees after the Coachella fiasco.

Kanye’s attorneys will have a busy year ahead of them. In addition to Phantom Labs’ $7.1 million lawsuit against the rapper, he also faces lawsuits from several other companies.

Last week, a fashion rental company claimed Kanye deprived them of goods he rented and owed more than $400,000 in back payments and penalties.

The rapper is also being sued by a house musician named Marshall Jefferson, who claims Ye sampled his 1986 house track “Move Your Body” on “Flowers” without getting permission or providing compensation.

The Chicago-born rap star turned designer is being sued by a pastor who says he sampled one of his “Come To Life” sermons without his permission.

Kanye is also fighting the state of California for illegally delaying shipments of his Yeezy products.