October 5, 2022

Kazakh mechanical engineers develop electric motor, seek to start mass production

NUR-SULTAN — Kazakh mechanical engineers from the city of Shymkent have invented their own electric motor for the car, Khabar24 TV channel reported.

Nursultan Seisenbay, a mechanical engineer from Shymkent with 10 years of experience. Photo credit: shymkenttv.kz

Nursultan Seisenbay and Yerlan Rakhmatullayev, both experts with ten years of expertise, have created a prototype electric motor – a quiet, environmentally friendly and fast-charging electric motor capable of traveling 300 kilometers.

They opened a car assembly center a year ago to produce their own bodies.
To date, 40 people work at the factory.

The engineers are determined to promote the development of the domestic automobile industry. In the meantime, they face challenges in registering an electric vehicle and, in particular, obtaining financing for mass production.

“We are ready for mass production. This is the main goal for which we are striving. Our dream is to build mass production of electric vehicles in Kazakhstan,” said Nursultan Seisenbay.

Rakhmatullaev, in turn, expands the functionality of cars.

“For example, we invented fingerprint access. It’s a feature that allows the doors to open when you approach the car using your phone,” he noted.

According to them, they have already spent almost $500,000 on the implementation of their project.