May 18, 2022

LIXIL: Notification regarding the reorganization of the production system at LIXIL Housing Technology

[This is an English translation of the original text written in Japanese]

January 21, 2022

LIXIL Corporation Kinya Seto

Executive Representative, President and CEO (First Section of TSE/NSE, Code 5938)

(Contact): Kayo Hirano

Senior Vice President, Head, Office of Investor Relations

Notification regarding the reorganization of the production system at LIXIL Housing Technology

LIXIL Corporation (hereinafter “LIXIL”) announced today that it has decided to cease operations at its Yokohama plant in March 2023. These measures will optimize the production system of LIXIL Housing Technology (hereinafter “LHT ”) in response to changing demand in Japan.

1. Background and overview

Given the rapidly changing market environment, LIXIL is moving towards a more consumer-centric organization and one that can transform and innovate quickly. LHT has promoted structural reforms since the fiscal year ended March 2018 to achieve a system resilient to external factors. LHT’s goal has been to increase base revenue through technology, design and brands that differentiate LIXIL and support long-term sustainable growth.

The reorganization of the production system is a key step to accelerate transformation measures to achieve sustainable growth. LIXIL has operated its Yokohama plant for 60 years, and its facilities and buildings are aging. Continuing operations will require significant investment, as well as consideration of operational risks such as security issues and breakdowns, and the particular environmental impact for nearby residents. For these reasons, LIXIL decided to cease operations at the Yokohama plant and proceed with the consolidation of the processing division at the Shimotsuma plant (Shimotsuma city, Ibaraki prefecture), the Kasukawa (Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture) and other factories. This consolidation will optimize the supply chain, strengthen cooperation between technology, manufacturing and sales divisions, and establish a system capable of bringing more value-added products to market and improving the capital efficiency.


2. Yokohama Plant Overview


Last name

Yokohama Factory



Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture


Year of completion



Description of the equipment

Manufacture and processing of aluminum building materials


The site area



Number of employees

183 people (including permanent contracts of 45 people)

(from October 2021)

  1. Yokohama plant shutdown scheduleEnd of March 2023
  2. Financial impact

The impact of the costs to be incurred in association with these measures on the consolidated result should be minor. LIXIL will promptly disclose any items that should be announced.

In addition, LIXIL plans to disclose the estimated impact of this change by incorporating it into LIXIL’s annual consolidated business performance forecast for the year ended March 31, 2023.

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