May 13, 2022

Loki Episode 5 Changed The Most During The Post-Production Process

Loki director Kate Herron reveals a bit about what happened during post-production on the show by revealing which episode changed the most.

According to director Kate Herron, Loki Episode 5 is the one that changed the most during post-production. 2021 saw the MCU finally make its second push into television by releasing the first of its highly anticipated Disney+ shows. Loki was the third series to arrive, running from early June to mid-July. Very different from the projects that preceded it, Loki immersed viewers in a temporal mystery anchored by Tom Hiddleston’s fan-favorite god of mischief. It was his first solo MCU project, and it’s the first live-action MCU Disney+ show to earn a Season 2.

Loki season 1 had 6 episodes in total. While each episode had its merits, Episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery,” stood out to many as a favorite. The episode picks up with Loki after being pruned by TVA chief Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and finding himself in the place beyond the end of time. This is where he encounters alternate versions of himself, from an older, more experienced Loki (Richard E. Grant) to a real alligator. Loki episode 5 balanced incredible visuals, deeper character moments, and surprising comedy thanks to the multitude of variants it contained.


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Loki Episode 5 was a wild ride for viewers, but it was also that for the creative team. In response to a tweet about the editing of “Journey Into Mystery”, the director of the series Kate Herron shared an interesting fact about the episode. “Episode five was an absolute beast and by far the one we reworked and built the most in the edit,” she wrote, “credit to editor @cal1ross for her tenacity and resilience to sleep deprivation as the two labored through those dark December nights in 2020.” Projects can often change in the post-production stages, but for Herron, distinguishing Episode 5 as LokiThe most difficult probably says a lot about the intensity of the editing process.

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So far, every Marvel Disney+ show has had an episode that really stands out or serves as a turning point for the entire season. For Loki, some might say Episode 4 is that selected episode because it challenges its characters in new ways before pushing them in surprising directions. However, episode 5 is just as essential to the series, if not more so. Through Loki’s variants, Hiddleston’s character is revisited multiple times, and the mystery of the force behind the TVA propels the action forward.

Loki episode 5 turned out to be an excellent edit of the series, although one has to wonder what elements came up during post-production. Herron’s admission that “Journey Into Mystery” changed the most during editing suggests there were some major creative tweaks, and it begs the question of what the episode looked like before release. It seems unlikely that this question will really get an answer, but at least all the tweaks made for a really good episode.

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Source: Kate Herron/Twitter

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