October 5, 2022

Mass production of GM EV 2025: Long-term LG Chem cathode material, Livent lithium supplies now secure

GM’s mass production of electric vehicles in 2025 is expected to produce more than one million zero-emission vehicles. To make this possible, the giant automaker is making drastic efforts to get help from other companies.

(Photo: Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)
A vehicle is welded by robot arms as it rolls through the assembly line at the General Motors Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant March 10, 2010 in Lansing, Michigan. The Delta plant has more than 3,000 workers on two shifts and is expected to add a third shift of 900 to 1,000 workers in April.

Now General Motors has confirmed that it is able to secure two major deals from Livent and LG Chem. These two technology companies should offer long-term supplies of lithium (Livent) and cathode material (LG Chem).

As of press time, GM is among the giant automakers that have decided to move into the development and production of electric vehicles.

Although it is among the top automakers, it still needs help from other automakers so that its mass production of electric vehicles can become a reality.

GM secures two major deals for its mass production of 2025 electric vehicles

According to Electrek’s latest report, the long-term lithium and cathode supplies that GM has secured are a great help for its upcoming mass production of electric vehicles.

Mass production of GM EV 2025: Long-term LG Chem cathode material, Livent lithium supplies now secure
(Photo: Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)
A Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle sits at an event where General Motors CEO and President Fritz Henderson announced that GM will invest $43 million in Brownstown Township, Michigan, to manufacture lithium-ion batteries for the Chevrolet Volt and other electric vehicle line-ups at GM Brownstown Battery Assembly.

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Lithium-ion cells are the most commonly used batteries for electric vehicle integrations. These power supplies contain lithium, which is used for the cathode.

Before these materials become useful, they must be refined at the battery level so that they can be used in the production of battery cells.

As of press time, some automakers are already involved in securing battery-grade lithium hydroxide for their battery suppliers.

This allows them to secure the volume of EV cells needed for their long-term electric car production goals. Among these automakers is General Motors.

GM CEO Says They’ll Beat Tesla

Fortune previously reported that GM CEO Mary Barra claimed they would be able to beat Tesla, the top electric vehicle maker, in electric vehicle sales by 2025.

At press time, Tesla still outpaces GM by about 14 times. This means it will be difficult for General Motors to produce higher electric vehicle sales than Tesla, as many consumers still prefer Elon Musk’s brand.

But, it seems Barra is sure of his goal, saying he will roll out 30 new EV models across the world by 2025.

“We already have the best-selling electric vehicle in China. Our 2022 North American electric vehicle deliveries are increasing again now that the Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV are back in production,” the GM spokesperson said. .

Previously, General Motors’ EV First Responder training program was launched.

On the other hand, experts claim that GM and Ford can overtake Tesla in EV market share by 2025.

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