September 29, 2022

Mass production of Intel Meteor Lake tGPU reportedly delayed until late 2023

Please note that this message is marked as a rumor.

Mass production of Intel 14th Gen Core could be delayed

According to a report from TrendForce, Intel Meteor Lake may face another delay.

Intel is said to be canceling 3nm node orders for its Meteor Lake GPU at TSMC. What Intel officially lists as “External N3” is the TSMC N3 node to be used by the GPU (tGPU) tile on the 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPU package.

It’s not clear why, but Intel is said to have canceled most L3 orders to TSMC for Meteor Lake and only a small amount will remain on order for technical review. TechPowerUP reports that this means that TSMC’s 3nm production line expansion is slowing down and as a result, the semiconductor company must reduce its CapEx for 2023.

According to TrendForce research, Intel plans to outsource the Meteor Lake tGPU chipset to TSMC for manufacturing. Mass production of this product was originally scheduled for 2H22 but was later postponed to 1H23 due to product design and process verification issues. Recently, the product’s mass production schedule was pushed back again to the end of 2023 for some reason, almost completely canceling the 3nm production capacity originally reserved in 2023 with only a marginal amount of wafer input remaining. for technical verification.

—Joanne Chiao, TrendForce

Intel Meteor Lake won’t be the only delayed product, however. Intel’s data center Sapphire Rapids series of processors, which were originally expected to ship by the end of last year, are now expected to reach volume production no earlier than the first quarter of next year.

Additionally, Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs were supposed to be released in the first quarter of this year, but the company had drastically changed its rollout plans. In the third quarter, only one desktop product was launched and only two mobile GPUs were tested.

Intel delays:

  • (Data Center CPU) Sapphire Rapids: Q4 2021 → Q1 2023
  • (Desktop GPU) Arc Alchemist: Q1 2022 → Q3 2022
  • (mobile CPU) Meteor Lake: 2H 2022 → end of 2023


Source: Trend Force