May 18, 2022

Minister Varank provided information about the mass production of TOGG

The Turkish car TOGG made a worldwide noise

Stating that the Turkish automobile made a global impact at the Consumer Electronics Fair (CES) in the United States, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank gave an update on the ongoing work at the point of mass production by TOGG.

Recalling that the first mass-production vehicle is expected to roll off the production line in the last quarter of 2022, Varank said: “After the completion of the technical qualification processes called homologation, the born-electric C-segment SUV vehicle will be commercially available. in the first quarter of 2023.” used the expression.

Stating that they see that most criticism of TOGG is due to incorrect or incomplete information, Varank said: “As we implement brand projects, I believe that this criticism will be replaced by appreciation and appreciation as next-generation networked electric vehicles, which TOGG calls ‘smart devices’, begin to appear on the roads.”

Emphasizing that they aim to make Turkey a global base in the field of industry, technology and defence, Mr. Varank underlined that the Industrial and Technological Strategy 2023 will constitute the roadmap for the realization of the “Strong National Technological Industry” objective.

Recalling that they shared the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2021-2025 with the public last year, Varank said, “We aim to share our work on mobility, smart living and health, 5G technologies and scanning as soon as possible. We view 2022 as a critical year in which our new strategies begin to be implemented. used the phrases.

Varank pointed out that after the 100th anniversary of the Republic, they will gather the domestic production opportunities and fight to be the global pioneer in advanced digital technologies, automobile industry, chemical and medical, artificial intelligence and many other sectors.