August 10, 2022

Natura Step XL: barn and free-range egg production system with large usable area

All levels are easy to reach, the acceptance of the nests is very high, there is a suitable lighting concept: these and many other advantages ensure that layers feel comfortable in the Natura Step XL aviary system. In time for the digital EuroTier 2021, Big Dutchman presents an XL update of the worldwide bestseller for on-farm egg production and free-range egg production. “We have adjusted many features to increase the usable area. The system part of Natura Step XL can thus be used even better,” explains product manager Bernd Heidkamp.

The new welfare aviary system comes with two separate 245mm or 450mm wide egg channels. “More room for the eggs prevents them from bumping into each other, even though rolling distances are longer and nest utilization is very high,” says Heidkamp. Another advantage: the rear wall of the nest serves as an egg channel cover. Dust and dirt fall through the space between the egg channels and onto the level of the manure strip. Heidkamp summarizes the positive result: “The eggs stay clean!

Natura XL stage | Additional Features:

  • intelligent lighting concepts;
  • monitoring from the driveway (the entire bird area is visible);
  • wide litter aisles possible, even with high stocking density;
  • single-row configuration possible;
  • staircase design: birds jump in the row.

We are a family

Big Dutchman has been developing aviaries for egg production for over 30 years. The Natura family consists of more than 20 models of aviaries for the production of eggs in breeding and the production of eggs in the open air.

Last year, poultry equipment supplier Vechta even reached a magical milestone: more than 100 million laying henhouses worldwide were equipped with the Natura aviary, which is considered particularly animal-friendly.