August 10, 2022

Recreating supermarket essentials with embroidery, Dagmar Stap pits mass production against craftsmanship

When working, Dagmar often likes to have TV series and movies in the background. “I completely immersed myself in the story and became obsessed with certain characters,” she admits, “and I wanted to capture that feeling right after I finished the last episode, because it’s often forgotten when I start a new series. .” This prompted Dagmar to start embroidering portraits of his favorite characters, which also became a good exercise in recreating light and flesh tones. From this series of portraits, it’s obvious that Dagmar was deeply immersed in the recent Euphoria hype (come on, who wasn’t?) with her brilliant recreation of Cassie’s now infamous meltdown scene. and wickedness causing Nate to rage.

Dagmar’s first introduction to embroidery came at an early age, when she received a kit for her birthday. Although she remembers that she really enjoyed the medium, it ultimately only became a short-term hobby. It was after five years at the Art Academy Minerva in Groningen, where Dagmar mainly found herself drawing or painting, that she began to get bored. So, with his next graduation project, Dagmar decided to choose a new medium. “I found myself going back to what I knew from the past, and I stuck with that. It’s really like painting, but with thread. In the future, Dagmar is excited to expand her repertoire to other textile forms, as she has just enrolled in a sewing class. “I would really like to know how to get by with a sewing machine,” says Dagmar, “so when an idea comes to mind, I can just bring it to life and maybe incorporate some embroidery into it.” We may not know exactly what Dagmar is going to do next, but we sure hope it’s a Euphoria-themed bedspread.