May 13, 2022

Rostec receives permission to mass-produce new parachutes

Rostec State Corporation’s Technodinamika Holding has received permission to mass-produce the Magic sports parachute system, which can be used for individual and team aerobatic skydiving at an altitude of up to 4,000 meters. The product fully meets the criteria set by the army and received the code “O1”.

The code means that the system is suitable for mass production and use by sports teams of the Russian Armed Forces and other security agencies. The “Magic” parachute system consists of the nine-section ram-air main parachute and the seven-section reserve parachute, as well as the parachute pack with a harness.

The main parachute, of elliptical shape, is of intermediate category, that is to say that it can be used by parachutists of average level, having carried out at least 100 jumps, to pass from training parachutes to parachutes fast. The main feature of the new system is its small and light pack. It does not limit the skydiver’s movements during the jump and allows the person to perform acrobatic movements freely during the free fall.

“The new sports parachute has several advantages. It is safe and easy to control, it deploys smoothly and is very stable in turbulent conditions. It can be used for jumps up to 4000 m altitude and does not interfere with acrobatic movements.

The system received the code O1, which means that it fully complies with the criteria set by the Ministry of Defence. We are ready to start mass production, ”said representatives of Rostec’s aeronautical cluster.