August 10, 2022

Samyang enters large-scale mass production of environmentally friendly additive-free transparent flame retardant polycarbonate (T-FR PC)

Samyang Corporation (Chairman: Kang Ho-sung), a subsidiary of Samyang Group specializing in chemical and food products, announced on the 20th that it had developed a transparent flame retardant polycarbonate material without flame retardant using its own technology and established the large-scale mass production system. Its environment-friendly T-FR PC will be manufactured at Samyang Corporation’s Engineering Plastics Factory and Samyang Kasei Factory in Jeonju.

Flame retardant polycarbonate is an essential material for heat-generating or fire-sensitive products. Because a fire-vulnerable material can suffer significant damage from secondary flames or toxic gases, flame-retardant materials are used in household appliances, vehicle interior and exterior finishes, building materials, and helmets to ensure safety.

While a flame retardant is often added in the manufacture of transparent flame retardant polycarbonate, the use of such an agent reduces the material’s main advantages of transparency and impact resistance. Flame retardant additives also have a significant environmental impact. Halogen flame retardants such as chlorine and bromine generate toxic gases when incinerated. Non-halogen substances that were previously considered alternatives have also been shown to be potentially harmful.

Samyang Corporation’s new transparent and environmentally friendly flame retardant polycarbonate is based on a polycarbonate siloxane copolymer (Si-PC) which the company successfully localized in 2012 and uses a modified bond structure without adding flame retardant additives, giving it remarkably superior chemical resistance. and low temperature impact resistance compared to ordinary polycarbonate. It also meets the criteria for a V-0 rating, the highest vertical burning rating in UL 94 testing. UL 94 is a flammability test conducted by Underwriters Laboratories, an American institution that develops and evaluates safety standards. The V-0 rating is assigned to plastic materials that stop burning within 10 seconds in a vertical burn test.

With improved low temperature impact resistance, chemical resistance and transparency of its new material, Samyang Corporation is intended to target markets that demand both flame retardancy, transparency and high temperature impact resistance. low temperature, and not just electrical equipment, electronics and vehicles, but also outdoor lighting and displays, electric car chargers, aircraft exterior finishes, interior and exterior building finishes, medical equipment , etc.

The new PC T-FR can also be used for functional packaging and various other industrial applications that require both transparency and flame retardancy, as it retains the same mechanical properties as general purpose polycarbonate even when engineered under thin film form such as 1 mm thick. sheets or profiles.

The company will not only supply the product but also its base resin (single-component plastic material) to other chemical companies to expand the market for environmentally friendly flame-retardant transparent polycarbonate. Chemical companies can produce and sell composite materials suitable for different end products, including buildings, automobiles and aircraft, by adding other substances to the base resin supplied by Samyang to achieve desired properties.

Hyun-ho Park, Team Manager of Samyang Corporation, said, “Samyang Corporation’s transparent and environmentally friendly PC F-TR can be designed in a thin transparent sheet, just like general-purpose polycarbonate, but it is free from environmental issues as it does not contain It is based on Si-PC which is highly impact resistant at low temperatures making it versatile for building exterior finishes, exterior lighting and many more uses.”

SOURCESamyang Corporation