June 29, 2022

Schlumberger and Panasonic Energy Collaborate on New Lithium Production Process

Houston-based oil services giant Schlumberger and Panasonic Energy of North America will collaborate on a new process for producing battery-grade lithium that will be used by Schlumberger New Energy at its Neolith Energy pilot plant in Nevada.

This joint effort paves the way for improved lithium production solutions that will help meet the expected increase in lithium demand as the electric vehicle (EV) market takes off around the world, Schlumberger said in a statement. .

NeoLith Energy’s sustainable approach uses a unique direct lithium extraction process to produce battery-grade, high-purity lithium while reducing production time from over a year to weeks. Schlumberger said the process stands in stark contrast to conventional evaporation methods of lithium extraction, with significantly reduced groundwater and physical footprint.

Located in Clayton Valley, Nevada, the pilot plant is 200 miles from Panasonic’s large-scale battery manufacturing facility, Panasonic Energy of North America, in Sparks, Nevada. Panasonic plans to provide guidance to validate and optimize the lithium material for battery-grade consumption.

“Panasonic is a pioneer in electric vehicle battery technology, and we are excited to collaborate with them to develop our differentiated process for direct lithium extraction and production,” said Ashok Belani, executive vice president of Schlumberger New Energy. Belani reiterated the company’s commitment to expanding the global supply chain for advanced lithium compounds.

“We look forward to working with Schlumberger New Energy to help us achieve our vision of advancing the lithium-ion battery space and accelerating towards a clean energy society,” said Allan Swan, President of Panasonic Energy. of North America.

Together, Panasonic and Schlumberger New Energy aim to accelerate the development and implementation of an innovative lithium production process, with a commitment to economic, environmental and responsible extraction to enable the global transition to new energy sources. .