September 29, 2022

Serial production of domestic machine guns has begun! » Turkey expat guide

Chairman of the Defense Industries Presidency, Ismail Demir, announced that mass production of the 12.7mm PMT machine gun, which was produced locally and domestically, had been launched for the first time. Ismail Demir, Chairman of the Defense Industries Presidency, test-firing a gun. The qualification tests have been completed after more than a month of hard work.

Chairman of the Defense Industry Presidency Ismail Demir noted that for the first time, the 12.7mm PMT machine gunproduced locally and nationally, began mass production.

Demir shared the following on his Twitter account:

“For the first time, the 12.7-millimeter PMT machine gun, which was produced locally and nationally, went into mass production. 6-7 years ago we did not even have a domestic rifle, but today we are able to produce large-caliber weapons on our own, which they are trying to impose on us. Good luck to our country.

Demir also included a video of himself doing a test shot with the rifle in question in his post. Demir, who visited the facilities of Samsun Yurt Savunmathe contracting company of the project, and reviewed the progress of the project on site, said that the 12.7 mm machine gun was designed to fire very quickly on different platforms, and after the qualification processes were successfully completed , the serial production phase has been started.


Stressing that deliveries to security forces will continue with mass production, Demir said, “This means that our security forces in our country are equipped with weapons far superior to their foreign counterparts. We have paved the way for a new chain of success in this regard. It’s up to us to let you know that fast deliveries will continue. It’s very satisfying. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. used the sentences.

On the other hand, according to the SSB statement, the rifle’s qualification tests have been completed after more than a month of hard work. CANIK M2 QCB The rifle has passed many tests such as high pressure, accelerated rain, salt spray, low and high temperature, icing, chemical interaction during the qualification process of about 1 million strokes.

As a result of the firing and qualification tests carried out, the gun was produced with materials and production methods that had never been used before in Turkey. The produced barrel was determined to have a longer service life than its foreign counterparts, and it was confirmed by force firing that it was more durable and reliable. The 12.7×99mm machine gun, used on land, air and naval platforms and supplied from abroad, will now be produced with domestic and national resources and delivered to security forces.