August 10, 2022

Seven Lakes Technologies Unveils SaaS Integrated Production System for Oil and Gas Companies

Concept: US-based Seven Lakes Technologies has unveiled JOYN Oil & Gas Production (JOYN), a SaaS integrated production solution for oil and gas companies. The solution aims to reduce maintenance time and optimize production for oil and gas companies.

Nature of the disturbance: JOYN connects various legacy systems across the oilfields by putting everything in one place. It enables infrastructure and software to automatically adapt to business needs. The solution enables transparent pricing and adjusts prices based on fluctuations in oil prices. The app is available for most devices, allowing users to manage and respond to production requests from anywhere. JOYN allows IT managers or production managers to sandbox their data to set up a route, run production allocations, and audit results. JOYN offers speed and flexibility to analyze data, reduce production time from several months to a few days and adapt to market changes.

Outlook: JOYN optimizes allocations, data collection and reporting at up to half the cost of the existing system. JOYN allows field workers to be scheduled taking into account task priority, resource skills, availability, location and more, allowing oil and gas companies to reduce scheduling time. non-productive team and supplier costs.

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