August 10, 2022

Succession season 4 premiere date tied to slow production process

Succession Season 4 is currently in production, and it’s absolutely cause for celebration! However, that doesn’t mean we’re getting the HBO drama back soon…at all.

When you think the show is only ten episodes long, it’s so easy to assume there could be a pretty quick turnaround where they’ll all be ready later this year. In theory, we assume it’s possible – but it’s so much more difficult in practice, and for a wide range of different reasons.

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First of all, Succession is a much more complicated show to shoot than your average network drama. Sure, there’s not a lot of CGI work to do after the fact, but there are still other challenges that make filming very time consuming. Take, for example, a trust in authenticity. They don’t spend all their time filming in New York pretending they’re somewhere else. If they are going to present scenes of the Roy family in Italy, for example, they are going to travel to Italy. Hopefully the process of filming internationally will be easier than in season 3, especially given the current situation in the global health crisis. But this level of travel adds extra time to the production window – there’s no doubt about that.

Another big thing here is simply runtime – it takes SO MUCH longer to film episodes that are at least an hour long than the 42-44 minute network TV standard. Ten episodes of this show is almost 13 episodes of a NCIS, for example. They are also so intricate and involve very specific camera work and, at times, a number of extras.

What we’re trying to say here is that patience is a virtue in all things. Succession — we are going to need it a lot over the next few months.

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What do you expect when it comes to a Succession season 4 release date?

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