May 18, 2022

System for producing compact antenna test ranges for automotive imaging radars

29-12-2021 | Rohde & Schwarz | Automotive technologies

Rohde & Schwarz and NOFFZ Technologies have collaborated to integrate R&S CATR reflector technology and the R&S AREG800A advanced radar echo generator into its versatile EoL radar sensor test system, the UTP 5069 CATR. This produces a fast, accurate and efficient test system optimized for production that enables the transition from radar sensor development to mass production.

NOFFZ UTP 5069 CATR end of line tester is intended for high volume production test and calibration. The ultra-low reflection anechoic chamber is one of the main differentiators and the result of more than 30 years of experience as a system integrator. It comes with a compact footprint of less than 3.5 m² (40 square feet). The relative movement of the DUT during calibration, loading and unloading can be realized by an integrated robot or a goniometer. Both motion options can be selected based on motion flexibility, position accuracy, and cycle time requirements.

Tier 1 radar module and sensor vendors now have a fast, accurate, production-optimized test system that helps reduce costs, efficiently utilize space, and be ready for the next generation of radar technology.

The R&S ATS1500C CATR chamber and the R&S AREG family of radar moving object simulators are globally adopted for radar development. While the NOFFZ UTP 5069 end-of-line radar sensor tester, with its wide coverage of test requirements, is well established in radar production facilities around the world. In addition, the performance of this new test system has been validated by its development by state-of-the-art radar module developer Uhnder.

The challenges on the road to autonomous driving are manifold. However, the capabilities, performance and measurement accuracy of the test system produced by the collaboration of the two automotive radar expert companies solves one of them: Optimizing the transition from development to mass production for imaging radars .