May 13, 2022

TCL CSOT India has successfully delivered its first batch production for Samsung India

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TCL CSOT India has successfully delivered its first batch production for Samsung India

Posted on April 4, 2022

The first batch of production products from POTPL, TCL CSOT’s largest overseas panel factory, has been successfully delivered and shipped to Samsung India. The shipping ceremony was held at TCL CSOT Industrial Park, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Through the joint efforts of TCL CSOT and various local government departments, the factory has successfully passed the factory examination and examination in one attempt, which reflects product production and quality control of the factory has reached the industry leading level. Moreover, in terms of production guarantee and production capacity, TCLCSOTIndia has also made sufficient and responsive efforts. At present, TCL CSOT India has completed the construction of 3 production lines, with a monthly capacity of up to 1.2 million. At the same time, the 4th and 5th lines will be put into service in April. By May 2022, the whole process of gluing, laminating and assembling will be put into production, with the capacity reaching 2M per month.

TCL CSOT India integrates the production of large size TV panels and small size mobile display panels for end users. The project covers a total area of ​​280,000 square meters. The construction of the plant is divided into two phases. The first phase plans to invest RMB 1.53 billion (about INR 1,832 Crore) to support 11 production lines, including 5 large-sized billboards and 6 small-sized mobile billboards. The annual capacity is planned to produce 8 million 26-55 inch large size TV panels and 3 million 3.5-8 inch small size mobile display panels.

TCL CSOT India will become India’s first full-glue-assembly process LCD panel module factory in India. This project will provide LCD module – the key component for local mobile phone and TV manufacturers in India. TCL CSOT’s entry into India not only echoes the demand of its globalization strategy, but also meets the urgent demand of its customer and partners.

As TCL CSOT’s first overseas factory, TCL CSOT India is positioned to be its globalization beachhead, which is a milestone for TCL CSOT’s globalization and a new milestone for TCL’s GlobalizationDrive. During the “two sessions” – NPC & CPPCC this year, Mr. Thomson Li, Founder and Chairman of TCL, once told the media that TCL will relentlessly develop its globalization strategy. The globalization of the manufacturing industry requires a shift from the export of products to the export of industrial capacities. As a high-tech enterprise, CSOT becomes an honorable example of exporting high-end manufacturing capabilities to serve its global customers and partners.

TCL CSOT India will focus on end-user brand customers in India. In terms of after-sales service, delivery efficiency and local production in India, it will also continue to build and surpass its own set of “hard power”: that is, the management capability of supply chain, production assurance ability and delivery ability to customers, which further improves TCL CSOT’s competitiveness in the global panel industry. TCL CSOTis has been striving to achieve global intelligent manufacturing and global delivery, and effectively improve its service to global customers and partners.

In the future, TCL CSOT will relentlessly promote the construction of the industrial chain for panel manufacturing, facilitate TCL’s strategic goal of becoming a global leading enterprise, and encourage more consumers around the world to see the strong brand power. from TCL!