August 10, 2022

The all-in-one live production system – rAVe [PUBS]

YoloLiv has launched YoloBox Pro, an all-in-one live production system. The 8-inch enclosure is an encoder, switcher, recorder, and monitor that features three HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, and a USB-C port. It allows users to switch live from up to eight sources, of which up to four can be physical local cameras and the other four can be virtual (two can be pre-recorded video stored on an internal memory chip or from a web source). The Pro supports input resolutions of 720p and 1080i/p, as well as streams of 540p, 720p and 1080p60. It also incorporates an H.264 codec. The HDMI output allows local display of the stream. It also has a line-level audio input and a separate headphone audio output. Users can save their streams directly in .mp4 format to an SD card.

Not limited to wired connections, YoloBox Pro also supports wireless connectivity including WiFi and 4G networks. YoloBox Pro offers users the option to simultaneously stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or a custom RTMP destination. Three display modes, split screen, PIP and side by side, are available on YoloBox Pro.

yoloOther features include:

  • Add Logos/Watermarks/Rolling Caption: Users can add logos or watermarks in the broadcast corner
  • Stream Comment Overlays: YoloBox Pro offers a chat window that helps users monitor what their viewers are saying in real time.
  • Customizable Dashboard: For live sports broadcasts, users will appreciate customizable dashboards where you can add custom logos and team names and view match scores.
  • Charts: add and edit built-in lower thirds templates