May 13, 2022

The first OnePlus tablet goes into mass production; Specifications

OnePlus’ very first tablet has entered the mass production step. On top of that, its specs have been shared by a tipster. So, let’s see what the device will offer, shall we?

The first OnePlus tablet has entered the mass production phase, it is coming in the first half of 2022

OnePlus has released different products over the years, but it never had time to release a tablet. Its very first tablet is expected to launch in the first half of this year as it has just entered the mass production phase.

The device may be called OnePlus Pad, but nothing has been confirmed yet. This information comes from Mukul Sharma, while the device specifications were warned by @Shadow_Leak.

It is advisable to include a 12.4 inch OLED screen

According to information shared by the tipster, the OnePlus Pad 5G will feature a 12.4-inch FullHD+ OLED display. The device will be powered by the Snapdragon 865 SoC, which was Qualcomm’s flagship SoC a few years ago.

You can also expect to get 6GB of RAM inside, along with 128GB of internal storage. This spec sheet seems to imply that only one variant of the tablet will be offered. Maybe OnePlus plans to offer storage expansion via a microSD card or something.

13 and 5 megapixel cameras would be included on the back. A single 8-megapixel camera will sit on the front of this tablet. Android 12 will come pre-installed, likely with OxygenOS on top, unless OnePlus plans to release a different OS for its tablet.

A 10,090 mAh battery was also mentioned, and the same goes for a side fingerprint scanner

A 10,090mAh battery was also mentioned by the tipster, and the same goes for 45W charging. fast these days. Even its most budget-friendly devices offer 65W charging.

A side-facing fingerprint scanner would be included, and the same goes for a 3.5mm headphone jack. Bluetooth 5.1 will also be part of this package, the tipster suggests.

Even the price of this tablet has been rocked. The OnePlus Pad 5G is said to cost CNY 2,999 in China, which works out to $471. If this tablet ends up launching globally, it will be a bit more expensive.

It’s interesting that OnePlus didn’t go for a high-end tablet, at least based on this information. The tipster mentioned that the tablet is coming to Europe, so there’s a good chance it will launch in a number of markets.