August 10, 2022

The Fourth Revolution: How Toyota’s Production System Can Cut Costs and Grow Your Business

The Fourth Revolution explores the evolution and science behind lean manufacturing practices with guest Stephen Dardaris, Director of Continuous Improvement for Hillrom. From post-war factory production to modern automation, manufacturing has evolved and continues to change. Dardaris explained how Toyota’s production system fits into production history while influencing global manufacturing efficiency with groundbreaking ideas and practices.

Applicable to more than cars, the Toyota Production System can be applied to a variety of production environments, especially high-volume and low-volume production. Dardaris has gone through the holistic picture of a company, from sourcing to assembly, transportation and even accounting. By cutting out the fat and focusing on real, lean numbers, the Toyota Production System generates tangible benefits.

Lean production might seem like a no-brainer for better, more cost-effective production, but Dardaris said doing things “lean” is a delayed measure that produces results over time, not necessarily immediately after implementation. work.

For this reason, some Lean practices require a leap of faith and trust in what may seem like drastic change. Most companies, Dardaris said, are caught in the middle, fear the risk and trust the process. The Toyota Production System is not a “cost cutting process”, just a money saving initiative.

On the contrary, Dardaris said, TPS is a growth strategy, a business initiative designed to be more than just a money-saving and streamlining concept for high growth.

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