August 10, 2022

Thermo Fisher Launches Gibco AAV Production System

Thermo Fisher Scientific launched the Free Gibco AAV-MAX Helper Integrated Production System, a Complete and Optimized System Solution which aims to simplify the workflow of AAV vectors. The all-in-one AAV-MAX system is designed to increase productivity and profitability by delivering high viral titers using Viral Production Cells 2.0, a novel mammal derived from 293F documented by cloning. Cell line.

AAV is crucial in the field of uncomfortable therapy; more than 1,300 unique genetical therapy are currently under development and almost half depend on AAV. The ability to increase production is essential to reduce costs and accelerate the process from research to commercialization.

“AAV has a efficiency and a safety profile that make it an ideal therapeutic vector and one of the essential biologic delivery methods for the latest advances in gene therapy, ”said Amy Butler, president, biosciences, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The new AAV production system is part of our end-to-end workflow solutions designed to meet the growing demand for the production of cost-effective and scalable viral vectors. Having access to products and services designed specifically for cell and gene therapy research, with direct visibility into clinical manufacturing, strengthens our biotechnology and biopharmaceutical the partners.”

The AAV-MAX system was developed to switch from shake flasks to bioreactors. Coupled with the active development of regulatory compliant reagents, the system is designed to streamline the transition from research to commercial manufacturing. According to the company, on average, the system allows researchers and developers of viral vectors to save 25% on the plasmid DNA usage and 50 percent on production costs compared to polyethyleneimine (PEI) mammalian production systems.