June 29, 2022

Tseetech 200W medium power wireless power supply solution in mass production

Shenzhen, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After launching the wireless charger through the 50mm Qi-enabled surface in 2020, Tseetech has never stopped exploring and developing new possibilities of wireless power transfer. The 200W TE03 wireless charging module was announced in December 2021, it could be widely exploited in many industry fields such as robotics, medical devices, electric bicycle/e-scooter, AGV/ AMR with the impressive 91% and super accurate charging efficiency. FOD method.

In May 2022, Tseetech TE03 was officially put into mass production for electric scooter shared charging dock project in Europe.

The main advantages of the solution are:

  1. High Accuracy FOD (Foreign Object Detection) Algorithm: The parking dock charges the electric scooter from below. TE03 enables the parking dock to detect metal objects as tiny as a quarter dollar coin. It guarantees security regardless of the target user.

  2. Overwhelming System End-to-End Efficiency and Low-Temperature Rise: To suit the specific magnetic material, Tseetech redesigned the coil and managed to keep the end-to-end efficiency above 90% with tuning appropriate. All components of the control board have a temperature rise of 50°C, even at the maximum load power of 200W.

  3. Meet EU EMC EN55032 Class-B requirement: EN55032 Class-B is a holy grail for EMC performance of wireless charging system. Some wireless charging systems have only exceeded the Class A limit, so they can only be deployed in specific environments like factories or outdoor locations. Tseetech’s solution meets the EN55032 Class B limit, so the parking dock can be deployed anywhere to meet the rigid demands of many electric scooter users.

  4. Impressive 35mm Charging Distance with ±20mm Offset: As an expert in loose torque wireless charging, Tseetech has extended the charging distance to 35mm; In real life, not everyone can park two-wheelers and make sure the Tx & Rx (transmitter and receiver) are 100% aligned every time, so ±20mm tolerance makes it easier to design and provides a much better user experience.

Tseetech is the leading innovator of wireless charging solutions. With its strong R&D capability and durable products, Tseetech has extended the wireless and wireless concept to the market, as well as the natural advantages of wireless charging: weather resistance and safety, it will change our life of a better way.