June 29, 2022

Turkey plans mass production of Hürjet light attack aircraft


Turkey has decided to mass-produce its Hürjet light attack/jet trainer aircraft, according to a statement issued by the Defense Industry Executive Committee after a meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on January 12 .


The committee made final decisions on several projects, such as various air, land and sea platforms, communication and information systems, ammunition and missiles, equipment, modernization, logistics, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence during the meeting, the Presidential Communications Directorate said in a statement. declaration.

In particular, the importance of R&D and P&D in the development of critical and advanced technologies was highlighted during the meeting, the statement said.

It was stressed that the development of all kinds of technologies purchased from abroad is an absolute necessity for a fully independent defense industry in Turkey and that the sector’s efforts in this area will continue to be supported, he said. added.

It was also noted during the meeting that Turkey will continue to take firm steps to achieve its goals with its determination in designing, developing and producing domestic and national systems and technologies, regardless of the obstacles.

The first flight of the Hürjet is scheduled for 2023. The aircraft is designed with the aim of being a fifth generation training aircraft.


It will be fitted with an advanced mission computer in its modern cockpit and will also come with superior radar and sensitive attack systems. Its air and ground communication capabilities will reduce threats and risks.

The aircraft will be 13.4 meters long with a wingspan of 11 meters and will aim to ensure environmental safety in offensive operations.