May 13, 2022

Victoria’s food production and emergency sectors under pressure as third stimulus term arrives

Food production, emergency services and other critical industries are feared to come under pressure under Victoria’s Covid recall mandate.

There are fears that Victoria’s food supply chain and other critical sectors may be under extreme pressure due to Covid recall mandates which have just come into force.

Last month, the state extended third-dose requirements for health workers, fearing that tens of thousands of workers could be fired because they were unable to get the booster.

Today, the emergency services sectors and critical supply chains are facing similar issues.

A third-dose mandate came into effect on Saturday for workers in the disability and elderly care, emergency services, prisons and food processing and distribution sectors.

Industry insiders say the mandates have disrupted food sectors, amid fears state emergency services could be hit.

Opposition police spokesman Brad Battin said police and firefighters had already struggled to get back to work following the warrant.

“We’ve heard from people who are struggling to get back to work or who will be forced to retire, whether for a short or long period, because they weren’t able to get their shots in time.” he declared. noted.

“Some will be caught off guard because of the timing and I think the government needs to be upfront about the number of people who will not be available as it will increase pressure on the emergency services already operating.”

Despite the deadline for recalls for tens of thousands of workers expiring on Saturday, Australian industry group Victorian chief Tim Piper said there remained some confusion among businesses over who should be covered.

He said this applied to the gray area between food manufacturing and distribution, and there were also concerns about the slow adoption of moves in these sectors.

“While everyone has accepted that they need to have the second shot, getting people to have a third shot is much more problematic,” Piper said.

“This could cause supply chain issues, particularly in manufacturing and distribution.”

Opposition ports and freight spokeswoman Roma Britnell said there had already been supply chain problems in the logistics industries caused by double-edged mandates.

“This third coup term is going to make things worse, but it’s already critical for these industries now,” she said.

The state coalition called for the removal of mandates in favor of vaccination education campaigns, calling the mandates “unsustainable”.

Just over 62% of Victorians have received their booster shot.

Teachers and early childhood educators have until March 25 to get the shot, and healthcare workers until March 29.

Mr. Battin called again on Sunday for the removal of the mandates.

“We will support him in health care and elderly care, but as a general rule we think the third term needs to go,” he said.

“We need to make sure we can get people back to work, we need to make sure we can get people back into the recovery of our economy and rebuild for the future, which is essential not only for those in the community but in all the city .

“We’re seeing too many places that can’t bring in staff to fill the hours, let alone customers coming through the doors right now.”

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