May 18, 2022

Xiaomi tests mass production of 150W fast charging

In the past two years, due to the bottleneck of smartphone battery technology, it is difficult to achieve greater breakthroughs. This means that after the 120W fast charge, it seems that the manufacturers are stuck. In order to provide a better battery life experience, manufacturers have chosen to start with fast charging. Thus, by releasing the high-capacity charge, manufacturers shorten the charging time. 100W charging can fill an average size battery in 20 minutes or less. Recent reports show that Xiaomi is testing 150W fast charging technology. The development of this technology is very fast and this technology will soon enter mass production.

According to Xiaomi’s current product planning, the Xiaomi MIX series will focus on various latest technologies. The first 150W product is expected to land on the high-end flagship MIX 5 series. This flagship series will be formalized in the second half. Moreover, this smartphone may also be the most powerful fast charging device in China. With 150W fast charging technology, a smartphone should be fully charged in 15 minutes or less.

In addition to high-level fast charging, Xiaomi may collaborate with another brand in the camera of this smartphone. Most likely, Xiaomi will collaborate with Leica on the Xiaomi MIX 5 camera.

In recent years, Huawei has achieved the world’s best camera by co-branding with Leica. Now, Xiaomi’s alliance with Leica will not only improve the photo effect, but also have additional impact and stabilize the high-end market. As for the hardware parameters, there are rumors that this device will use a 50-megapixel primary camera. It will also support optical image stabilization (IMX707). Additionally, it will come with a 48-megapixel 5x optical variable lens and a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens.

Rumor: MIX 5 will use a 200x zoom telescopic camera

According to past rumors and speculations, the Xiaomi MIX 5 camera will be very powerful. The report claims that this flagship smartphone will use a retractable lens solution. In addition, this retractable camera will be able to provide a zoom of up to 200x. Nevertheless, it is important to note that with such a zoon, users must use a tripod and a stabilizer to take pictures.

Moreover, this device comes with a premium design. The display is completely frameless and it will come with proactive under-screen camera technology. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the technology of under-screen cameras still requires some development. If Xiaomi uses an under-screen camera, don’t expect the best selfies.