September 29, 2022

Approximate solution for the mass production of the Altay tank engine

Approximate solution for the mass production of the Altay tank engine

Head of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir spoke about the developments in the Turkish Defense Industry on the NTV program. Making statements about the Altay tank, Demir said: “Our engines began to appear in various power groups. In fact, we have made the use of domestic engines mandatory in next-generation armored fighting vehicles. In the tank engine, our home engine has started testing. The integration of this engine into the transmission continues. We have integrated the power supply provided by South Korea for the Altay Tank into our tank and testing is continuing. The test results are good. We have also reached a point with South Korea regarding the mass production of the tank engine. We are close to the solution. used expressions.

BATU Power Group will be integrated into Altay Reservoir in 2024

Responding to questions from TurDef during the DIMDEX defense fair held in Qatar, the President of Defense Industry, Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir gave information about engines supplied by South Korea for the Altay main battle tank. Demir said, “The Korean engine will power the Altay tank until the BATU is ready. We negotiate on the quantity. We must set an amount that secures us. For example, 50, 100 engines can be said. We need to talk about it, and the quantity will also affect the price. There are elements in the engine equipment that the Koreans supply from abroad. These parts will also be localized as part of our BATU project. We will give Korea an advantage in this regard. makes a statement.

Mesude Kılınç, Head of Department of Engines and Power Transmission Systems SSB, said that they aim to accept BATU, which is the power group project of Altay tank, on the tank in 2021, during the event “Defense Technologies 2024” organized by Istanbul University Technical Club of Defense Technologies.

Stating that it will be a very difficult testing process, Kılınç said a project process will be conducted in the field, including 10,000 kilometer tests on the tank. Affirming that critical subsystems have also been developed locally under the project, Mesude Kılınç said, “We attach great importance to the local development of critical subsystems. This makes our ambitious project even more difficult.”

Source: defenseturk