October 5, 2022

Mass production of Armor 15 is underway at Ulefone factory

The Rugged Ulefone Armor 15 crowdfunding Kickstarter project is already closed with the funds raised. And now comes with updated color selection and address fill prompt for contributors. According to their project schedule, it is time for mass production of Armor 15 to begin soon. Ulefone brand has its own factory and focus on making high quality products with good price as advertised. Therefore, a production video of Armor 15 has been released to help backers and Ulefone fans follow the project. Let’s see how it works in their production plant.

But before that, let’s briefly recap the key parameters of the Armor 15. Made with built-in TWS headphones and an incredible 5 hours of battery life per charge or up to 505 hours of total battery life with the Armor 15 case, this rugged model makes your travel just lighter. And the two front speakers are loud enough for your outdoor cycling or navigation. Then we get 5.45 inch screen or 2MP main camera + 13MP macro lens, dual rear camera setup to take pictures with more details. Finally, the MediaTek Helio G35 chipset with 6 GB of RAM for smooth operation or the Android 12 operating system for a smooth experience.

A look behind the production curtain of Armor 15

Looking at the overall video, the whole manufacturing process is quite smooth and efficient. Workers conscientiously assemble parts and test the phone. And the production process is also quite streamlined. After all, with 10 years of hard work, Ulefone has rich experience in manufacturing tri-proof professional smart devices. As one of the world’s leading rugged phone manufacturers, Ulefone is always strict in quality control.

Their workers in the factory have been professionally trained with the vision of providing reliable products and services to customers. Workers assemble motherboards, card slots, cameras, power supplies, and other product components. This step is entirely manual and requires special attention. When a complete mobile phone is assembled, a series of tests are carried out. Specifically about contacts, accuracy, touchscreen, operating system, camera replacement, induction, headphones, calls and much more.

According to Ulefone officials, the final stage of production is extensive durability testing for the Armor 15. Including touch screen test, pressing test, mini-drop endurance test, USB endurance test, the 1.5m multi-angle drop test, the crush test, -40℃-55℃ high/low temperature test, sand and dust test, tumble test, test waterproof to 1.5m in 30 minutes, 30g/60g/90g/130g ball pressure test or aging test. These tests are done to ensure the durability and toughness of the machine.

Judging by the pace of production, it looks like the Armor 15 is almost ready to ship to backers and fans. And it should be available on the Ulefone official website soon too. So are you ready for it?