May 13, 2022

Sony’s HDC-F5500 and HDC-3500 cameras improve service production at Texas Church – rAVe [PUBS]

One of Sony’s cinematic camera options, the HDC-F5500 The 4K Super 35mm System Camera and HDC-3500 4K Camera bring enhanced production tools to worship services at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. Gateway has placed the first order for the new HDC-F5500 Super 35m camera, and they are among the first customers to use the camera worldwide. S35mm-based cameras, such as the HDC-F5500, offer shallow depth of field and great images.

Highlights of the HDC-F5500 and HDC-3500 4K Super 35mm cameras include global shutter technology to eliminate rolling shutter distortion and flash banding. Additionally, both cameras support a wide color gamut and offer different frame rates for a true “cinematic look” while delivering 60p output, making them ideal for live production. The cameras’ high sensitivity and low noise along with HDR (High Dynamic Range) also prove useful for capturing bright or dark environments, which is especially beneficial for lighting often used during worship services.

The HDC-F5500 features a locally or remotely controlled eight-stage motorized ND filter for precise depth-of-field control. The camera’s direct 4K/12G-SDI output facilitates wireless operation and recording.

The HDC-F5500 uses a combination of FUJINON 85-300mm, FUJINON 25-300mm and FUJINON 20-120mm Cabrio zoom lenses to enhance depth of field. The HDC-3500 is used with a mix of FUJINON UA70x, FUJINON UA13x4.5 and FUJINON UA24x housings and portable zooms which will provide Gateway with complementary color matching and operational controls.

Sony HOW case study 2In addition to the HDC-F5500 and HDC-3500, Gateway Church installed an XVS-9000 4/ME 4K switcher, PWS-4500 4K 8-channel server, BRAVIA 4K HDR professional displays and PVM professional production monitors by the intermediary of the integration company Beck Associates. They also purchased the new XVS-G1 switcher for their Dallas campus.

“We wanted to achieve a cinematic look for the cult portion of our services and when we discovered the HDC-F5500 camera, we knew it was exactly what we needed,” said Noah Gravell, Executive Director of Production at live, Gateway Church.

“The new model takes the best of Sony’s imaging expertise and packs it into a camera designed to meet the needs of churches,” said Adrian Lopez, CEO of Thunderhead Enterprises, who was the project lead. . “It’s a complete system that works out of the box, without the extra wiring and third-party parts associated with other cinematographic cameras. Choosing the HDC-F5500 and HDC-3500 was an easy choice, not only because Gateway has relied on Sony’s technology, advice and collaboration for decades, but also because the new cameras are compatible with each other. , with the rest of the church equipment and blend well with their Sony Ecosystem.

Sony HOW case study 3“Sony has valued Gateway Church’s partnership for many years, so we’re excited to help them evolve into the next generation of creative cinematic capture, while growing their collection of complementary Sony technologies,” said Theresa Alesso, President, Imaging Products & Solutions. Americas, Sony Electronics. “The HDC-F5500 was specifically designed to alleviate the complications associated with achieving shallow depth of field in live productions, with input from the religious community. Having Gateway as the first faith-based client speaks to the power and applicability of the camera in this environment. »