August 10, 2022

Akzo Nobel has invested in a new production line for water-based textured paints at its Songjiang site in Shanghai, China.

29. June 2022 | Markets & Companies

Akzo Nobel has invested in a new production line for water-based textured paints at its Songjiang site in Shanghai, China. Nearly 7.5 million euros have been invested in the Songjiang site since the start of 2021.

The new 2,500 square meter facility will produce products for various markets.

Image source: Akzo Nobel.

The site is one of four water-based decorative paint factories in China and one of the company’s largest in the world. The new 2,500 square meter factory will produce products for various markets, such as interior decoration, architecture and leisure. The new production line has an advanced system that reduces VOC emissions. Other recent projects include the introduction of new solar power systems and a more automated high-speed filling line.

“Huge potential”

“As Akzo Nobel’s largest domestic market, China has enormous potential,” said Mark Kwok, Akzo Nobel’s President for China/North Asia and Commercial Director for Decorative Paints China/China. North Asia. “The new production line will help strengthen our leading position in paints and coatings in China by expanding into new markets and further guiding us towards our Grow & Deliver strategic ambitions.

The coatings industry in China is expected to continue to grow, thanks in large part to the country’s growing focus on energy conservation and emission reduction. “Our new production line will not only allow us to better respond to market demand, but also to optimize our supply chain so that we can serve our customers more effectively and efficiently,” adds Fred Moreux, Director of Asia manufacturing of Akzo Nobel.

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