June 29, 2022

BC vertical farming company obtains patent on automated crop production system

Affinor Growers, the vertical farming and technology company with a commercial production facility in Abbotsford, British Columbia, has been granted Canadian Intellectual Property Office Patent No. 2,940,062 (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) for “method and apparatus of automated vertical production”. horticulture and agriculture”.

The invention relates to the fields of horticulture, hydroponics and agriculture, and in particular to apparatus and methods for the automated commercial growth and production of plants in controlled environments. The patent abstract describes “a method and apparatus for the continuous automated growth of plants utilizing a vertical array of support arms extending radially from a central axis.” Each arm has a plurality of pots and receptacles that receive plant seedlings and liquid nutrients and water. The potting arms are rotated under the grow lights and the pollination arms. Feeding frequency is increased as the plants grow. CO2-enriched air can also be supplied. Once the plants are ready to harvest, they are manually swapped for new seedlings and bagged. »

Affinor is in the process of licensing its new exclusive greenhouse, the “Atlantis”, which will accommodate the cultivation of strawberries, romaine lettuce, kale and spinach in soil or hydroponically on 8 levels. This is double the current 4-tier towers, significantly reducing costs and increasing yield.

Affinor plans to offer the most sustainable turnkey commercial solution, automated, reducing water consumption and using alternative energy. There are 40 solar cells currently installed along with two Tesla Powerwall batteries to ensure irrigation and air handling systems continue to operate during power outages.

Affinor CEO Nick Brusatore said, “We are continually adding to our intellectual property portfolio. This strengthens our patent protection for our vertical rotary tower technology.