October 5, 2022

Configure and order custom furniture items online

At Ostermann, carpentry customers will not only find the largest range of edges in Europe, but also many other products and ideas for furniture making. An important new service offers individually configurable furniture elements made to measure, such as furniture fronts and roller shutters or linoleum and handle profiles.

In line with the motto “service, diversity and speed”, Ostermann now offers numerous individual furniture elements. This offers relief during peak periods and frees up more time for individual customer advice. Whatever the opening hours, furniture pieces can be designed and ordered in the Configurators section of www.ostermann.eu.

Convenient detailed images immediately show the selected design variant. Carpenters/cabinetmakers can find all the related information they need under the search term “#Configurator” on the Ostermann website.

The following furniture items can be configured online:

Fronts and side sections

A wide range of surfaces on different substrates and in different panel thicknesses are available. In addition to the trendy 3D recessed fronts in country style, you can also find, for example, high-quality premium veneer and lacquer surfaces and the super matt surfaces Fenix ​​​​NTM and NTA from Arpa Industriale. Even different edging solutions and special dimensions for slopes can be conveniently configured online.

Furniture roller shutters

At Ostermann you can order ready-to-install roller shutters for the office, kitchen or shop fitting. Different guide systems with plastic, aluminum, glass or thin veneer mats are available. All options are displayed in the drop-down menu and 3D graphics or images display a preview of the selected design.

Custom linoleum furniture

At Ostermann, trendy furniture linoleum is not only available by the meter, but also cut to length and width to the nearest millimetre. The delivered product can be pressed immediately without further processing. In the Ostermann Configurators section you can select the color and surface, enter the desired dimensions and send the order immediately online. The corresponding material for the downdraft can be ordered at the same time, in the correct size.

Custom handle profiles

A wide variety of ready-made aluminum handles and handle profiles are available from Ostermann. Although solid wood handleless systems can be easily cut by a carpenter/cabinetmaker, not all shops have the time and/or tools to properly cut and machine aluminum profiles. Ostermann therefore supplies all handle profiles from a length of 200 mm on request.

Why inline configuration is always a good idea

The Configurators section is available to carpenters/cabinetmakers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows you to design furniture elements anytime, anywhere and independent of Ostermann’s opening hours. In addition, you can immediately see the prices and place the order for production.