May 18, 2022

Fundraising campaign for the Eternium Aerospace solar thermal liquid hydrogen production system

Eternium Aerospace Indiegogo Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Production Technology

Zero fossil fuel, production performance superior to conventional electrolysis, zero emissions

Our system generates more liquid hydrogen with less electrical input, wherever there is heat and water for use in any fuel cell vehicle, including our Eternium Archangel aircraft in development .

— Jared Semik

NOVATO, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 6, 2022 / — Eternium Aerospace announced its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to complete the prototype of its solar thermal hydrogen production and liquefaction system . The company has designed a technology that produces up to 350% more hydrogen than conventional hydrogen electrolysis techniques per unit current using thermal energy harvested from the sun, geothermal energy or heat residual industrial. The system requires no fossil fuels and produces zero emissions and is more than 3 times more productive than current technology. Eternium President Jared Semik said the company has worked diligently on design and proof-of-concept testing and is now ready for full system prototyping.

Eternium’s hydrogen production system is just one part of the company’s long-term development plans. When designing its long-range, multi-role fuel cell electric aircraft, the Archangel, Eternium realized that hydrogen production is a limiting factor in fueling the hydrogen economy. 96% of hydrogen is produced by fossil fuels or requires large amounts of electrical energy from an electrical grid that is not fully zero emissions. Eternium’s production system changes that. By using thermal energy from green resources such as the sun and geothermal heat, we increase hydrogen production in addition to producing the remaining electrical energy needed throughout the process.

Eternium is seeking global support to build a full-scale production prototype of its hydrogen thermal liquefaction and electrolysis system to produce liquid hydrogen with little more than water and heat. “We envision a decentralized global hydrogen production network that further democratizes energy access by not requiring extractable resources located in a limited way around the world, such as methane, oil or even the minerals needed for modern batteries. This means no dependence on mining, drilling, fracking or carbon emissions. It also means energy equality. We are helping to reshape the humanity’s relationship to energy, to each other, and to our planet by creating a method of producing combustible energy that is accessible to nearly everyone.Our goal is to dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, the environmental impact of fuel production, while minimizing the potential for continued conflict over the production of existing energy resources,” Semik said.

“We are asking you to be part of this first wave of investors to support our business and the promise of a long-awaited and growing hydrogen economy. Join us and support our efforts for a zero emissions future and a democratized fuel production,” asks Semik. Supporters of our crowdfunding campaign are entitled to the benefits, progress and project information outlined in our campaign page below by following the QR code or at https:// Production System More information on the technology is contained in our campaign page.

“Most importantly, you will be key in guiding our shared future. Our team looks forward to answering all your questions about the campaign and encourages you to use the Indiegogo page to share ideas and feedback. shared Semik.

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Eternium Aerospace Indiegogo Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Production Technology